Frequently asked questions

How can I get access to high resolution images? 
High resolution images for print are made available for download through a private folder after purchase or on CDROM.
We carry out research free of charge and are able to deliver high res. files within 30 minutes.
Our originals are high res. professional film and high res. digital files (raw) from the most superior high res. tools available today.

What is the pricing of the images? 
Images belong to one of three price categories, identified with this symbol:  
Prices are quoted upon request and are based upon the intended use of the photograph, the extent of usage of the photograph, the length of time in which the photograph will be used and the place of International/Domestic distribution. Please use the functional calculator in our menu.

How do I find images in horizontal / vertical format? 
Searching landscape your result will become all horizontal format images in our source. 
You may use the keyword, scenery, in order to find nature landscape imagery. 
Searching portrait your result will become all vertical format images in our source. 
You may use the keywords, people face, in order to find portraits of people.

How can I get a user ID for
Please contact us by mail or phone to discuss your needs and how we can serve you. In the meantime, feel free to use our preview images in your sketches.