Terms & Conditions

1. Customers of Nordic Life
The end-customer who, via second party or representative, or by an establishment representing themselves, orders photographs from Nordic Life agrees at the time of order placement to accept the sales conditions of Nordic Life.

2. Sketch pictures
All photographs from Nordic Life are protected by copyright and all publishing shall be subject to approval by Nordic Life or those representing Nordic Life. The photographs may be used for sketches and layout, but only for internal use within the framework of the process prior to the final production of the elements to be published.

3. Prices
Prices are quoted upon request and are based upon the intended use of the photograph, the extent of usage of the photograph, the length of time in which the photograph will be used and the place of International/Domestic distribution . Please use our calculator in the menu to find the right price.

4. Delivery
All our images are available by our useful "Download" service. Photographs ordered will be delivered in accordance with the agreement between the customer and Nordic Life. Where possible, and with predefined qualities, photographs may be delivered by electronic mail or by CD or DVD medium.

5. Cancellations
A handling and administration fee of NOK 350.- will be charged for ordered photographs which are cancelled subsequent to transfer by electronic mail or CD.

6. Usage
Photographs may only be used after written agreement between the customer and Nordic Life. Should the invoice not be paid, the photographs will be considered as illegally obtained and used and legal measures will be initiated. The agreement is to be construed as null and void if the invoice is not paid within the due date given.

7. Publishing
Unless otherwise agreed to by Nordic Life and the customer, within one year of the invoice date, publishing rights for singular publications within Norway are non-exclusive. Distribution of the photograph for publication subsequent to the initial one-year period of agreement is subject to a payment to Nordic Life of 100% of the nominal amount of the original invoice. Nordic Life will invoice a fee of 100% of the nominal amount of the original invoice for any illegal usage of the photograph. Photographs may not be copied, lent or transferred to a third party without the agreement of Nordic Life.

8. Credits
With each reproduction or other form of presentation of photographs, the publisher will, in accordance with the laws of copyright paragraph 3, attach the following to the photograph: Photo: © photographer1s name/ Nordic Life.

9. Manipulation
Manipulation of any photograph can only occur after agreement with Nordic Life. The credits will then be as follows: Photo: © (M) photographer¥s name/ Nordic Life.

10. Destroying digital files
Immediately after photographs are transmitted to their respective, agreed areas of use, the digital files containing the photographs will be destroyed.

11. Resolution
Photographs on the Nordic Life web page are of low resolution and are intended to be for perusal and choice.

12. Payment
The quoted price does not include VAT. The VAT will only applies only to customers in Norway. Payment of the invoice is to be effected within fifteen days of receipt. After the due date a reminder of settlement fee plus interest will be levied. After the due date a late payment reminder will be sent and interest will be charged on the settlement amount.

13. Bono
Artists considered to be within the framework of Visual Arts and Fine Arts have the right to demand a fee when the artwork in question is published. The customer is responsible for reporting use of photographs showing works of art / sculpture directly to Bono and to pay an eventual fee for usage.

14. Limited Responsibility

Nordic Life`s responsibility for injury is limited to the amount of the invoice. Nordic Life`s photographs are, in most cases, released for publication, however, it may occur that persons in the photographs do not wish to be exposed or included in advertisements. The customer must, in these cases, contact Nordic Life in order to ensure that people depicted in the photographs may be used in advertising. Nordic Life accepts no responsibility or economic liability concerning rights in connection with persons, trademarks, property or other objects. The use of photographs depicting sensitive content such as sex, sexual preference, narcotics/alcohol, serious illnesses etc. are not allowed without prior written agreement with Nordic Life. Nordic Life does not accept responsibility for eventual errors or omissions regarding texting. The user of the photograph is responsible and answerable for use of the photographs in all respects. The user of the photograph accepts full responsibility for use of the photographs in all respects.

15. Disputes
Disputes concerning the interpretation of these Terms and Conditions will be subject to Norwegian Law and are to be settled by presentation in a Norwegian Court of Law.